Pace began supporting Lets with Pets in 2012. Here they explain why helping tenants with pets is important to their business. 

"At Pace we help pet owners by being approachable and understanding in an often neglected marketplace. We take a sympathetic approach to keeping a family together and we recognise that a pet can be an integral part of the family. Pet ownership is nearing 50% in the UK and the rental market is growing. This puts more strain and demand on pet-friendly properties which are becoming a commonplace request.

We aim to re-educate our landlords on the benefits of renting with pets, to encourage them to meet prospective tenants with their pets and to look at each situation on its own merit. Tenants are usually willing to pay a higher deposit or have the property fully cleaned at the end of their tenancy.

Following the Lets with Pets guidelines offers us a wider target audience and greater opportunities to help people and change lives. The vast majority of pet owners make responsible, caring and sensible tenants. Happy families will stay in one place much longer so the landlord ultimately has a stable and enduring tenancy and a successful client relationship with their letting agent."

How Pace helps tenants and their pets 

"On one occasion a family came to us to rent one of our larger properties which provided a large and extremely well-kept garden. The landlord was very reluctant to take applicants with pets of any sort, especially those that ‘may’ cause damage to their property.

The family had a dog which had been part of the family for many years. Although the pet could be rehomed with another member of the family, they were reluctant to do so due to the emotional ties. The children had grown up with their dog.

PACE suggested to the landlord that he met the applicants and their dog to assess the closeness of the family. We also suggested they talk directly with the current landlord to gain a first-hand reference as to the care of the pet, property and garden.

The landlord agreed as the family were perfect for the property. The landlord met with the applicants and their pet which went especially well, we arranged for the current landlord to speak to the perspective landlord and we also visited the family's current home with their approval.

The new tenants were very grateful for our help, as was our landlord who was given peace of mind and assurance that the dog was well behaved and his home and garden would be cared for."

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