Promoting your pet-friendly letting agency

Promoting your pet-friendly letting agency

Once you have made the transition to a pet-friendly letting agency, don’t forget to shout about it. With so few pet-friendly letting agencies and landlords around, and a shortage of pet-friendly properties, you can set yourselves apart from the competition in your area.

Agency promotion

Make a prominent feature of your Pets Considered properties– why not have a section in your window just for properties that accept pets? This will not only attract tenants but pet friendly landlords too.

Put a ‘Pets Welcome’ sign outside your agency and invite tenants to bring their dogs with them when they register with you. This will make pet owners feel welcome and allow you to meet their dog. 

Local press

If your agency advertises properties in your local newspaper, make it clear you are a pet-friendly agency and make a feature of your Pets Considered properties.

Why not put together a release for your local press to announce yourselves as pet-friendly – you could arrange a photo call or provide a case study of a local tenant you have helped. 

Social Media

Whether your agency uses Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Social Media is a great way to promote yourselves as a pet-friendly letting agency.

Why not tweet about your latest Pets Considered properties or write a blog about what you do to help your tenants and their pets.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #letswithpets #petsconsidered