Pet deposit

Pet deposit

There are steps you can take to minimise the risk of damage to your property:

Higher deposit: You can ask your tenant for a higher deposit to cover any damage that may be caused by their pets. Many landlords ask for an extra two weeks rent on top of their normal deposit.

The money should be held in a recognised deposit scheme. There are a number of Government-approved tenancy deposit protection schemes. Further details can be found on

Professional clean: You may want to ask pet-owning tenants to professionally clean the property when they move out. This should include professionally cleaning all soft furnishings and carpets and treating the property for fleas and mites. This can be written into the tenancy agreement.

Some landlords and letting agencies ask tenants for an upfront, non-refundable pet payment to cover the cost of professionally cleaning the property once they have moved out. If you choose to do this it's important to provide the tenant with a quote from a cleaning company so they know the amount you are chargingin is fair.

However, such charges are not permitted in Scotland where landlords are unable to charge any administration fees to tenants.