Find a pet-friendly property

Find a pet-friendly property

Finding a property that accepts pets can be very difficult. Letting agencies are often reluctant to help pet owners and many landlords still add a 'no pets' clause to their standard tenancy agreement. 

The aim of our Lets with Pets scheme is to help pet owners find rented homes with their pets. We have highlighted the property websites and online agencies below because we believe they make it easy to search for pet-friendly properties, which takes some of the stress out of house hunting with a pet. 

Zoopla has a pet-friendly property filter. How to search: Search for a property and then click on the 'Filter Results' button. If there are pet-friendly properties to rent in your search area, a 'Pets Allowed' tick box will be displayed under 'Letting Type'.  

OpenRent is an online letting agency. To make the process of finding a property easier for tenants, they have added a pet-friendly filter to their website. How to search: Once you have searched for your chosen location, click on the 'Advanced Search Options' button. You can then select the 'Accepts pets' filter.  

SpareRoom is the UK's largest flatshare website. Their website allows you to search for a room in a property that allows pets. How to search: Click on the Advanced Search link and tick the 'Pets Considered' box

 Pets Lets is a leading UK pet-friendly property portal. They eliminate the hassle of searching with a ‘pets allowed’ filter and provide resources on pet-friendly renting, especially for those from overseas, who face challenges in finding the right property. How to search: Click 'Search for properties' using your chosen location and pet-friendly properties in that area will appear.


We have highlighted the websites listed on this page because they provide an easy-to-use search facility for pet-friendly properties. However, they may not always have pet-friendly properties available in your chosen search area.