Pet CV and Reference

Pet CV and Reference

Writing a CV for your pet and getting a reference from your previous landlord are two good ways to persuade landlords that you and your pet are responsible tenants.

Use the CV as an opportunity to talk about your pet's behaviour and personality. You should also mention any training your pets have received and how they behave inside of the home. Include details of your pet's last vaccinations and flea & worming treatments. You should also provide your landlord with the contact details of your vet and someone who can care for your pet in case of an emergency. This will help to put their mind at ease.

Getting a reference from your previous landlord will also show that your pet caused no problems in your previous property and that you are a responsible tenant and pet-owner. 

We have a sample pet CV below which you can download and amend so it's specific to you and your pet.

Case Study

"We had been instructed to let a traditional 3-bedroom house, very much a ‘typical’ East Oxford property. It had been the landlord’s home, and it was the first time that she had let it through Finders Keepers.

The landlord had already said that she was prepared to discuss pets but she, and we, were absolutely bowled over by the fact that the tenants sent in a detailed CV for their dog Herky, and a reference for him from their previous landlord."

Finders Keepers, Oxford

CV sample