Advice for owners of banned breeds including American Bully XL type dogs

We know how difficult it can be to find pet friendly housing. 

If you have an American Bully XL type dog, we understand that news of the ban will be very unsettling. We have lots of advice to support owners of American Bully XL type dogs to find pet friendly housing.

  • Be prepared
    • You have until 31st January 2024 to apply for a certificate of exemption. You must also comply with certain conditions as part of the exemption. You can find lots of information about this, including support available, here:
    • Have a copy of your exemption certificate ready to show every prospective landlord or letting agent, as it is proof that your dog is exempted and allowed to live with you.
  • Add to your pet CV and get a reference
    • We recommend creating a pet CV where you can include details of your dog's exemption. This will make it clear to your landlord that your dog is allowed in accommodation. We have a template pet CV that you can use here.
  • Show your prospective landlord or housing provider the steps you have taken to be a responsible dog owner. This could include:
    • Attending muzzle training/1-2-1 training so your dog can safely wear a muzzle when out and about. To find out more, visit
    • Video footage from your training sessions. 
    • Getting your dog neutered. This is also a condition for your American Bully XL to get a certificate of exemption.
    • Ensuring your dog is microchipped and always keeping the details up to date. This has been a legal requirement since 2014, so it's really important this is done. Remember - if you move house you must update the address details on your dog's microchip, as well as the Index of Exempted Dogs.
  • Communicate with your landlord and housing provider
    • You could help bust some of the myths around having banned breeds. We've got a useful page for landlords and letting agents on how they can accept banned breeds which they may find useful. You could direct them to this page if they have any concerns.
    • If you're not sure how to approach your landlord or housing provider, we've drafted a template letter you can use which outlines the main points. You just need to make it specific to you and your dog.