Outlet began working with the Lets with Pets scheme in 2013. As a team of pet owners and animal lovers, they understood that the vast majority of pet owners are caring and sensible tenants.

Josh Rafter, Outlet Managing Director, explains why being pet-friendly is important to their business. 

“We believe people with pets make great tenants, so we’re only too happy to promote Lets with Pets to landlords and people renting properties. Dogs Trust has helped us put procedures in place by providing support and really useful resources. These help us promote the benefits of renting to people and their pets. It also means we are better equipped to help landlords handle the process more efficiently.”

By promoting the benefits of renting to tenants with pets, Outlet have been able to persuade many of their landlords to accept pets in their properties. They also offers pet-friendly landlords a 1% reduction on their lettings fee as a thank you for helping them to find homes for people and their pets.

House hunting with a pet can be stressful so Outlet has introduced a Lets with Pets search facility to their website so that their clients can easily search for a pet-friendly home.

Supporting Dogs Trust

As well as helping pet owners, Outlet is also a supporter of Dogs Trust. For every successful tenancy secured for a tenant with a pet, Outlet make a donation to Dogs Trust’s Hope Project, a unique scheme helping dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis.

Outlet also launched a selfie campaign featuring Compton the pug. For every selfie taken with Compton’s poster outside the Outlet office and tagged on Facebook, Outlet donated £5 to the Hope Project.

Outlet client Mostyn explains how the agency helped him:

“We spent a lot of time visiting and contacting estate agents but as soon as I mentioned I had a dog they said they couldn’t help us. It wasn’t until a friend mentioned Outlet that I suddenly felt there might be a chance.

Everyone at Outlet was amazing. They are so pet friendly and they even have dog treats and toys in the office. Before I knew it, we had secured a great flat. 

I cannot thank everyone at Outlet enough and love that they are encouraging landlords to finally accept pets.”

To find out more about Outlet, visit www.outlet4property.com