Chestertons joined Lets with Pets in 2014, signing all of their branches up to the scheme. As a result, Chestertons now offers London’s largest selection of rental properties where pets are considered.

Richard Davies, Chestertons’ Head of Residential, explains:

“We are regularly contacted by both pet-owners who are having difficulties finding a home to rent and landlords that are nervous about accepting pets in their properties. However, we believe that with the information, advice and guidance that we now offer as part of our involvement with the Lets with Pets scheme, we are addressing these issues and helping to significantly increase the number of rental properties available for pet-owning tenants.”

A Chestertons’ tenant and dog owner talks about her experience of trying to find a pet-friendly property in London:

“I initially found Chestertons through Lets with Pets and I’ve stayed with them as a customer because of their fabulous customer service, excellent portfolio of properties - even in my price range - and stress-less letting experience.

Before we found Lets with Pets and Chestertons it was really hard to find a property, especially as a professional person, as so many of the homes I was shown were very badly maintained. It was also really hard to get an estate agent to actually want to help me at all. Providing the customer care in helping someone with a pet find a home was not something that many agents wanted to do.

Chestertons help me in my search by providing some excellent options. It was nice to talk to an agent who was not only friendly and eager to help, but also really knowledgeable about the area and local amenities. Moving is a challenge in the best of situations, but after struggling to find a place that allowed dogs, their attention to detail and willingness to help was really refreshing.

My agent Carla was a joy to deal with and, along with her colleagues at the Mayfair office, helped to make my move as seamless as possible. Even on the website, the clear icons stating whether a property would consider a pet were very helpful.

I was primarily looking for a property with quick and easy access to green spaces. I also wanted a property that was in easy reach of my workplace, so I could walk the dog at lunchtime and make sure that he wasn't alone for more than a few hours. My dog is part of the family, and when I am not able to take him with me; it is reassuring to know that he's not far away.”

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